Secure Code Review

Every programming language has its unique properties. Each language has security quirks which must be considered during a thorough source code audit.

We have application security experts well-versed in a wide range of languages, from basic Assembly and C code up to high-level scripting languages. A review with language-specific security expertise can mean the difference between identifying critical flaws and having a major data breach.

Penetration testing on production applications provides invaluable awareness of current vulnerabilities and potential damage if exploited. However it does have a reactive nature to it – testing after applications go public means identified vulnerabilities could have already been exploited. Secure code reviews identifies bugs before they get pushed to production apps – and found by attackers.

Using a hybrid approach, our consultants utilize best-in-class code review tools to scan full codebase and deep manual examination for areas of critical importance.

These select functions, such as user authentication and client-supplied parameters, contain the majority of security flaws– so that’s where we perform the deep dive.