Offensive Security Consulting

Radical Security offers specialized cyber attack and assessment services. We focus on offering our clients with comprehensive penetration testing and web application assessments.

Our Services

Our new clients are often surprised to learn about the existence of security vulnerabilities and exploitable weaknesses in exposed systems. Repeat clients benefit from our familiarity and a business knowledge of their systems as Radical Security and our clients work together over time. We focus on the actionable facts that our clients need to improve their security posture. Our penetration testing reports are about real levels of exposure and not theoretical vulnerabilities or false positives which are generated by automated vulnerability scanners or cookie-cutter processes.

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Penetration Test

Penetration Testing is Radical Security’s leading service. Our experienced team of security consultants assumes the role of real world adversaries that simulate attacks to compromise your infrastructure. We customize the scope of the engagement on specific parts of your infrastructure or organization.





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Web Application Assessments

A Radical Security web application security test always includes extensive testing for all OWASP risks. We focus on the presence of various injection vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access to database or operating system functions. Web applications are also analyzed for other vulnerabilities that could result in information leakage, unauthorized access, or privilege escalation.

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