Penetration Testing

Penetration Tests assess the security of a specific environment or entire organization from the point of view of an attacker. This testing ranges from collaborative assessment of a single environment or scenario, to ‘black box’ testing of an entire network or enterprise; often with internal security teams actively attempting to defend against the test. If an organization wishes to experience an attack simulation that closely models the techniques of real-world adversaries, or wishes to determine their protection against a specific scenario.

Our tests are performed by experienced penetration testing specialists who have a wealth of knowledge in diverse IT disciplines including policy, design, implementation and development. We have a reputation for professional expertise and conduct that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Our experienced team of security analysts can assume the role of real world attackers that will stop at nothing to compromise your infrastructure.

Our hackers think like attackers, and use the same tools, techniques and practices to compromise organizations.

Even organizations with strong security controls and processes may not be able to detect and contain a breach quickly. If your security teams do not practice their detection and response capabilities the likelihood of effectively executing them in a real breach scenario is greatly reduced.

Our new clients are often surprised to learn about the existence of security vulnerabilities and exploitable weaknesses in exposed systems. Existing clients benefit from our familiarity and a business knowledge of their systems as Radical Security and our clients work together over time. We focus on the actionable facts that our clients need to improve their security posture. Our penetration testing reports are about real levels of exposure and not theoretical vulnerabilities or false positives which are generated by automated vulnerability scanners or cookie-cutter processes.

While a standard penetration test is focused on broadly identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your network and applications, adversary simulation exercises evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and the security team’s ability to identify and contain an actual attack. Exercises are focused on emulating an advanced threat actor, using stealth, subverting established defensive controls, and identifying gaps in your defensive strategy.

Our clients use our Penetration Testing services as a live fire exercise for their incident response teams or outsourced vendors. An adversarial simulation by our experienced security consultants will use multiple attack techniques to evade detection and exploit any vulnerabilities or weaknesses to compromise computing and data assets. For targeted penetration tests, we design the testing to align with relevant industry standards and best practices to meet compliance requirements such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA.

Our project management team will work with you to construct and execute a custom engagement that is both efficient and an effective test of your security posture. A Radical Security penetration may take several forms. We commonly perform gray-box penetration tests where a brief synopsis of your environment and technologies are provided to the test team. This allows for a very efficient penetration test as irrelevant test techniques are not performed.